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When I was 15 years old a friend of my brother, who just started to take some violin lessons in a church, insisted on the idea of learning violin also with me.

I didn’t wanted to accept that challenge, but to be honest, the reason behind it was actually more related to me being worried about what would my teacher say then anything else. To my surprise, my teacher said that I should take: ‘‘This is going to be a very good experience for you and you have learned enough to help a beginner’’. 

That’s how I got into my teaching journey and from that point on I’ve learned so much with every student, every lesson, every explanation… but above all else, I’ve learned so much with every person that stepped in to have a lesson. 

I don’t believe that the teacher-student relationship should be based just on somebody who hands the cards and someone who obeys. To be honest, I actually believe that limits the connection between the teacher and the student, the connection between human beings, what for me, probably more important than everything. 


In other words, I see myself as someone who, as a teacher, has the opportunity to influence the way people live their lives, the way people deal with their emotions, with their self esteem, their connection with themselves thanks to an instrument.


Of course, the music has a huge role on that, but everything is much more humanized when we how much of influence we can have on someones life than just learning to play some notes.



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