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Rafael Regilio | Camille Saint-Säens

Sächsische Schweiz | Deutschland 2022

This project was recorded in a region of Germany called "Sächsische Schweiz" (Saxon Switzerland) and is in eastern Germany, very close to the border of the country with the Czech Republic.

This is a region full of rocky mountains, gorges and deep valleys and it is in this region that the "Elbe" (River Elbe) is born, which crosses almost all of Germany and ends here close to Hamburg.

"The Carnival of Animals" by Camille Saint-Säens, the River Elbe, Fairy Tales, the Fortress of Königstein, Nature, the Forest... is from this great mix of concepts and references that the project is composed!

By the way, this is a project that fills me with pride, because for the first time, in addition to capturing and editing audio, I also did video capture and editing. It was an amazing experience and it allowed me to learn a lot!

And I want to separate a space to thank infinitely my dear friend Stella Venohr who not only acted in the video, but also participated in the capture of the images and of course, made these wonderful photos!

And to you who always accompany me, l just want to thank you for being part of my journey so far. Without you, things would be much more difficult and would make a lot less sense. Thank you!

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